Lunar Maven fast facts:

  • based in michigan

  • small, family run business

  • makes a mean bowl of guacamole

  • thinks everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable, spiritual items

who we are

hi, I'm Brie.  I started Lunar Maven with my husband Mitch as a way to share some of the positive, healing and empowering tools that helped change our lives.  we believe no matter where you are on your journey, a new idea, an items energy, an affirmation can be the spark to elevate your life.

our mission is to be that spark.

while we believe you already possess everything you need to shine within you, sometimes an item can give you that energy to remind you of your strength, or the clarity to choose the path you know you belong on.

we're so grateful you're here.  this has been years in the making, ever since I really dove into crystals and the metaphysical world back in 2016 after some crazy life upheaval and searching for help and guidance.

we put a lot of love, time, and energy into everything we do.  we don't just throw together a box of rocks or a bunch of cheap trinkets from overseas like some of the others in this space.  we truly want you to enjoy your experience every time you open one of our products and get something of value.