serious, but sassy

we're Lunar Maven, let's get to know each other.

we're passionate about positive vibes and manifesting our best life with the help of spiritual tools.

we're here to share those tools, and despite dropping the occasional f-bomb, we're actually quite lovely.

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nothing in life happens just by chance, it's all written in the stars...

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  • every item has a purpose and a message

    each item is carefully chosen with love and positive energy in mind just for you. we aim to connect you with products that will lift your conscience and soothe your soul.

  • we only share quality, meaningful items

    every product is intuitively hand-picked. we only work with small ethical suppliers so we can easily verify quality. designed, packaged & shipped straight from the USA.

  • we're here for you, with love and support

    we exist to enrich your life, your home, your soul. we pride ourselves on our customer care, cause we're all at different points on our own journey. so we're here, for you.

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