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Energy Cleansing Kit

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white sage, palo santo, and selenite cleansing kit.  each order is hand picked and positively charged.  these kits are ideal for cleansing negative energy, ridding yourself of stress, anxiety and other emotional energy, and bringing clarity and peace into your mind and home.

each kit includes:

white sage - ethically sourced and harvested from California, white sage has long been used to cleanse and purify.  also believed to dispel negativity and assist with spiritual work.  most people find the sweet scent grounding and centering.

selenite - is known for removing energy blockages, as well as inviting purity and positive energy into your space.  it is great for cleansing and removing negative energy.

palo santo - also know as the holy wood, it has traditionally been used as a cleanser and purifier.  it is believed to have amazing spiritual and emotional healing properties, and when burned it has a calming effect on the mind and body.

* all items approx. 4" in length.  color and size may vary slightly as these are natural products from the earth.


  • allow 1-2 business days processing, then orders ship immediately.
  • all orders ship directly from Michigan, USA.

happiness guarantee:

  • if you don't love it, just notify us within 30 days and we'll take it back for a full refund.